Dr. Persons takes us on a safari of paleontological discovery. We meet newly discovered creatures: Hesperonychus, a brainy raptor clothed in furry feathers. Mercuriceratops, a Triceratops-kin with splendid cranial armament. We acquire the field tools to extract bones and teeth, eggs and fossil poo. The very best dinosaur-discovery crew in the world, the University of Alberta’s paleo department, reveals the latest methods in the lab.

Dr. Persons writes with grace and wit. He deftly avoids inelegant jargon. The art is stunning. Julius Csotonyi, the maestro of paleo illustration, provides full color paintings of entire dinosaur habitats. Herds of Pachyrhinosauri, a strange butting platform on each muzzle, rumble across the meadows at Pipestone Creek. Multitudes of Edmontosauri gather at the Danek Bonebed, like the bison migrations of the Canadian prairie. Each Mesozoic scene is informed by science. Fossil pollen and leaves, gator skulls and turtle shells let us read the temperature of ancient deltas and the strength of river currents.

Paleontology, perhaps more than any other science, shows how complicated puzzles can be solved through careful analysis of many trains of evidence. We do have a time-travel machine. It’s our scientific imagination.
— Dr. Robert Bakker, Curator of Paleontology, Houston Museum of Natural Science

I am excited to announce the publication of my first book: Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands! More species of dinosaurs have been dug up in Alberta than anywhere else in the world, and you can find Albertan dinosaurs skeletons on display in museums from New York to Tokyo! I have been hunting for dinosaurs in the badlands of Alberta for over eight years. This book tells the stories of my discoveries and those of many other paleontologists. And it’s fully illustrated by the phenomenal paleo-artist Julius Csotonyi.

Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands is in stores now, and you can order it on Amazon, Indigo, or straight from the publisher.



Dinosaurs of the Alberta Badlands” is a stunning tribute to one of the World’s greatest fossil regions. Written by one of the paleontologists who has added to the greatness through his collection of and research on the dinosaurs of Alberta, the book is also illustrated one of the greatest paleo-artists of our time! The combined talents of these two experts – Drs. Scott Persons and Julius Csotonyi – have produced an up-to-date, authoritative, lively account worthy of Alberta’s rich paleontological heritage! To understand the significance of the resource, Alberta’s dinosaurs are discussed in the wider context of their position in deep time, of their relationships dead and living, of their ecosystems, and of the high level of research that is in progress today.
— Dr. Philip Currie, Canadian Chair of Dinosaur Paleobiology, University of Alberta
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